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      Medical equipment parts

      Medical Equipments' Carbon Fiber Tubes Customization

      Carbon fiber medical tubeCF and CF composite materials have been widely valued in medical devices and biomaterials because of their excellent performances like excellent mechanical performance, chemical stability, bio-compatibility with human body, poisonless and tasteless, high X-Ray transmittance, low loss.

      Carbon Fiber Telescopic Forklift Customized From China

      Carbon fiber medical stent is one kind of new material of high strength and high modulus fiber, carbon content over 95%. It is one kind of crystallite graphite material made from organic fiber like plate graphite crystallite which has stuffed along the fiber axis and gone through the carbonization and graphitization. The CF is with an iron hand in a velvet glove, weight less than aluminum and strength higher than steel; also with the character of corrosion resistance, high-modulus, it is an important type of material in fields of defense, military and civilian products. It is a new generation of reinforced fiber, with not only the inherent original characteristics of carbon materials, but also the softness and processibility of textile fiber.
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